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Make Short Clips From Long Videos

Added on July 4, 2024

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What is is an AI-powered video editing tool designed to help users create short, engaging video from longer videos. The tool is particularly useful for content creators, marketers, and businesses that need to repurpose long-form content into bite-sized clips suitable for social media platforms. The tool is ideal for platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Facebook.

Key Features key features are:

  • Automated Clip Creation: automatically identifies the most engaging part of a long video and creates shorter clips. The tool uses AI to analyze video content, ensuring that the most interesting and relevant parts are highlighted.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize the created video by including subtitles, logos, and other branding features. enables users to adjust the length of video clips to ensure that they meet the specific requirements of various social media platforms.
  • Platform Optimization: With the user can optimizes videos for various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The tool also provides options to create vertical, horizontal, or square videos depending on the platform's preferred format.
  • Ease of Use: offers clean and user-friendly interface, and making it accessible even to those without extensive video editing experience. The tool also offers a drag-and-drop feature for easy video upload and processing.
  • MagicViddy:'s AI content assistant helps repurpose video content into various formats, enabling the creation of show notes, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, and Tweets.

Pricing offers various pricing plans:

Free Plan:

  • Offer 75 minuters per minute
  • User can create short videos
  • User can direct publish on TikTok
  • 30 days data retention

Essential Plan:

  • Starts at $21 per month
  • Offer 300 minuters per minute
  • 1080 render quality
  • User can create short videos
  • User can direct publish short video on social media platforms
  • 180 days data retention

Disclaimer: For the latest and most accurate pricing information, please visit the official website. Video

Vidyo AI Alternatives

  • Simplified
  • Prezi
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • VEED
  • Vimeo


Vidyo.AI is an AI tool that allows users to upload long-form videos, automatically selects the best clips, offers a range of customizations, and publishes directly to users social media platforms. is the powerful ai tool for anyone looking to maximize the impact of their video content on social media. By automating the creation of short, engaging clips, it helps users save time and reach a broader audience.

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