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AI-powered software development & deployment platform for building, sharing, and shipping software fast.

Added on May 18, 2024

Paid plans start from $7/M


Replit AI Tool

Replit AI is the AI powered coding tool that use artificial intelligence to help developers write code faster and more efficiently. These tools include:

  • Smart Search
  • Code Completion
  • AI Chat

Key Features

Replit key features are:

  • The tool automatically reviews developers' code and suggests suggestions. This helps developers to remove errors and write better code.
  • Replit AI tool also generates code based on the instruction.
  • The tool can pair developers with the AI assistant to write error-free code and debug errors.

Replit Pricing

Replit paid plans start from 7$/M. Replit offers a variety of pricing plans, which are summarized in the following table:

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Unlimited Public Repls, Base Workspace (0.5 GiB Memory, 0.5vCPUs), 10 GiB Account Storage
Hacker $7/month Unlimited Private Repls, Fast Workspace (2 GiB Memory, 2 vCPUs), 3 million compute units for Autoscale deployments, 50 GiB outbound data transfer for development, 20 GiB Account Storage
Pro $20/month Unlimited Private Repls, Very fast Workspace (4 GiB Memory, 4 vCPUs), 6 million compute units for Autoscale deployments, 50 GiB Account Storage, One Boosted Repl, SSH into your Repl, Ghostwriter

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Replit AI Tool Alternatives

Some of the Replit AI alternatives are:


Replit is dedicated to leveraging AI to make software development easier and more accessible to everyone. The company's AI tools are still under development, but they can potentially change how we code.

Replit Alternative Tools



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